Liminal Ring

Kinetic installation

#IonThruster #TurbulenceFlow

Can humans control nature? Technology has developed in the direction of controlling uncertain areas of nature. However, human development in all directions has caused various chaotic phenomena such as climate crisis and environmental problems.

<Liminal Ring> is a work that controls and regulates turbulence through ion wind, a technology that creates wind with high voltage between two conductors. Jin Lee generates direct current using high-voltage ion wind, sculpting the air into circular smoke and visualizing it. The fluid, which is designed to flow steadily without being disturbed, seems to be a metaphor for humans' free control of nature. However, the smoke that quickly dissipates due to system termination, viewer movement, etc. makes us aware of the temporary intervention of humans in controlling nature and its limitations. Jin Lee critically questions the stubbornness of humans who make themselves the center of the world through the process of transforming an unpredictable and uncertain area into a controllable area through technological intervention.


Sponsored by ZER01NE

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2023 ZER01NE DAY at S-Factory Seoul, KR

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