Kōan :
the answer from beyond

Visual installation

#imageRecognize #NiCr #thermochromicInk

Video: Gosia Lehmann, Akin Si

In order to understand our surrounding, we tend to search for regularity and order in phenomenons we can not understand. We look for meaning in chaotic or abstract signals and compare them to something familiar, even if it has nothing to do with a human cognition.This urge to categorise and comprehend could be a significant drive for gaining a knowledge, but at the same time it proves that we are limited by the language based perception. 

1,028 heat sensitive wires change their color from black to white according to the signal from the algorithm. The visual patterns are being generated from the pool of 1,056,784 possible combinations. The forms created on the black surface suggest an intelligence different than human- an intelligence that might appear fascinating, but can not be fully grasped or comprehended.   



2020 Stranger Things Silent Green. Berlin, DE
2019 CCC : 36C3 Messe Leipzig. Leipzig, DE
2019 European Media Art Festival  Osnabrück, DE
2018 Rundgang. Universität der Künste Berlin. Berlin, DE

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