Mixed media installation

#LifeSimulation #Self-Learning

A Life Simulations’ Paradoxical Birth and Extinction

 In (im)perfect(un)certain(non)object, an algorithmically simulated life is embodied in a kind of sculptural object, realized in smoke, light, and sound. This algorithmic creation is imperfect, uncertain, and short-lived. In order to move towards a more complete, more certain existence, this object undergoes self-learning, and continues to act out its extinction and its birth. The simulation repeats.

The smoke generated through the self-learning algorithm changes according to many factors of the space—including air flow, humidity, and temperature—making it almost impossible to predict the results. Lee’s (non)object constantly falls short of its goal of perfection, bringing to mind the ever-increasing digital alienation of our society, the self-portraits left standing in its remains.

Jin Lee asks the audience whether uncertainty is necessarily, of itself, incomplete; for him, the New Territory that we have to step into is the process of change in which we live, not some technologically-advanced tomorrow where that change has become complete.


Sponsored by ZER01NE

Media development
Simon Weckert

Media artwork

Structure shape design

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2022 ZER01NE DAY at S-Factory Seoul, KR

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